Melcandy "Sugar Eclipse"

Inspired by my favorite color, PINK! I imagined entering a room full of candy with lots of sugar sprinkled all over. I had lots of fun brainstorming and designing each hat and I enjoyed the process. Welcome to my pink world @melcandy

Carefully constructed from imported Italian silk, the bright paint splash design is used in combination with a Night Black Patent Leather.

  • 1 of 1
  • 14k gold covered metal hardware
  • Mint Leather Braided Back Strap
  • 100% Authentic Velvet Sweat Strap
  • Handmade in the PR

Bold colors, sumptuous textures and unexpected, interesting prints create statement pieces that look and feel like nothing else. And indeed, what you buy from us, no one else can have. By never repeating a design, we offer total exclusivity in a market where mass produced products are the rule.
We start by acquiring and then modifying only the very best materials, from dense Italian silks to exotic leathers. Our passion for well-made pieces requires long hours of craftsmanship — well worth it to obtain the highest quality. Once we’ve assembled the materials, every hat then takes approximately 16-18 hours of meticulous labor to complete.

Collections: 2018, AW/17, Melcandy

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